Caretoheal.org was founded by Jordia. This is her personal blog being shared with you all. Her inspirational journey as an international and professional general registered nurse. This site contains variety of short and valuable articles that includes nursing skills, honest opinions, feedback, true to life stories and experiences. Uniquely explaining who nurses are and how to define a real nurse. There are many nurses out there, but like Jordia, everyone has a unique story. One of the website objectives is to reach out with everyone globally, regardless of their profession and education. These articles were written in informal format using Layman’s term. Easy to understand statements and terminologies. Short stories that will take only few minutes of your time reading, but learning a lot from it. Truly an average nurse talking to average people.

We hope that thru this website, you will benefit and learn many effective nursing techniques. These easy-to-follow care skills and common maneuvers can be use in your work area and homes. Simple nursing skills and safe techniques that Jordia learnt and developed over time working abroad.

It is our high hope that you will enjoy reading her blogs and gain valuable insights from it. May all the readers see the different perspective in life and journey of healthcare individuals and non-healthcare migrant workers abroad. Understanding why many overseas workers sacrificed so much to share their blessings, and to support their families back home. Local and international nurses who gave their dedication, services, and compassion to care for others. Men and women who are selfless and heroes on their own ways.

We encourage all the international and local nurses to join Jordia in sharing their own stories in this website’s “Leave a Comment” section. Share the world your dedication, hard works, and experiences. Registered Nurses, Nursing Assistants, hospital ancillaries, nursing students, and more – feel free to share your stories working abroad and locally.

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